Cocoa butter : benefits and use in natural cosmetics

Cocoa butter, best known for its use in chocolate, has many benefits for the skin and hair. Native to South America, it comes from the fruit of the cocoa tree, which is called the pod. The pods look like rugby balls because of their elongated shape, and contain between 30 and 80 cocoa seeds, the famous cocoa beans. These cocoa beans are roasted and then removed from their shells in order to keep only the almonds which are crushed to obtain cocoa paste, or cocoa mass. This paste is then pressed via a hydraulic press equipped with filtering cloths, which makes it possible to separate the Cocoa powder from the Cocoa butter.

Main properties

  • anti-oxidant : Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants capable of neutralizing free radicals, the famous vitamin E but also polyphenols. It thus slows down skin aging and fights against the appearance of wrinkles. It is very appreciated by mature skins.
  • soothing: The squalene and phytosterol composition of Cocoa butter gives it soothing properties for damaged and irritated skin. The squalene keeps the skin moisturized to provide flexibility while phytosterols heal the skin.
  • lipolytic : Theobromine, naturally present in Cocoa butter, is known to have a beneficial effect on the mood but not only. It is also lipolytic, it will help fat cells to destock fat. Caffeine is also endowed with this capacity, which gives Cocoa Butter so-called slimming properties, but rather by cutaneous way to fight against cellulite than by oral way!
  • Skin regenerator : Squalene is a component naturally present in the sebum of the skin. Sebum helps protect the skin from drying out by creating a lipid film on the surface of the skin. With age, squalene decreases and the skin is less well protected from external aggressions. Cocoa Butter helps to alleviate this problem, and at the same time stimulates the synthesis of collagen in order to restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin.
  • nourishing : The composition of fatty acids and more particularly omega 9, will allow Cocoa Butter to nourish and protect the skin. Thus oleic acid is naturally present in our hydrolipidic film and constitutes a protective barrier for our skin.

Characteristics and composition

Cosmetic characteristics
  • Skin type: dry, all skin types, mature.
  • Type of hair: dry, damaged.

Organoleptic characteristics
  • Appearance: solid at room temperature and liquid above 30°C
  • Color: light yellow to yellow
  • Odor: chocolatey.
  • Touch : bold.

Characteristics for the formulation
  • Unsaponifiable and active ingredients : Vitamin E, squalene, polyphenols, phytosterols, threobromine, caffeine.
  • Comedogenicity index : 3 (=very comedogenic)
  • Average saponification value: 193
  • Oxidation stability: excellent
  • High temperature stability: excellent
  • INCI name: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Fatty acid composition
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA) : 30 à 40 %
  • stearic acid (SFA): 34 à 36 %
  • linoleic acid (omega 6 PUFA) : 2 à 4 %
  • palmitic acid (SFA): 24 à 29 %

Physical characteristics
  • Peroxide Index: 15
  • Acid value : 4
  • Refractive index at 20°C : 1,45 à 1,46
  • Iodine Index: 37

Botanical characteristics
  • Botanical family: Sterculiaceae
  • Countries of origin: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda.
  • Distilled part: almonds
  • Production process : first cold pressing
  • Latin name : Theobroma cacao L.

Precautions for use

Authorized use of the product

Dermal route Oral route

Authorized users

Adults and Teens Children under 6 years old Pregnant and nursing women Babies under 3 years old


Preferably stored in a cool place, away from light and heat.

In case of dry hair, damaged hair

Efficiency : +++

Cocoa Butter is very nourishing thanks to its fatty acid composition. Thus, it will be ideal to repair dry and damaged hair. It will nourish and restore shine while providing long-lasting protection against dehydration.

  • Application advice: in capillary application, apply to the entire length of the hair or the ends for 30 minutes minimum, overnight if possible, then wash and rinse.
  • Other suitable vegetable oils: for a better application, it is possible to mix Cocoa Butter with another vegetable oil such as Coco oil or Ricin oil.

For dry skin

Efficiency : +++

Cocoa butter is particularly suitable for dry skin, thanks to its skin regenerating property. Indeed the squalene present in the butter and naturally in the sebum of the skin, makes it possible to protect the skin from drying by creating a protective film on its surface. Its soothing and nourishing action will also allow to calm the skins and to preserve their hydration.

  • Application advice: massage a dab of butter on the affected area.
  • Other suitable plant oils: to soothe dry skin, you can also use Wheat Germ, Baobab or Shea Butter oil.

In case of Cellulite

Efficiency: +.

Cocoa butter has a lipolytic action, allowing it to act effectively on fat cells. The theobromine contained in the butter will thus help to destock the fats of these cells, just like the caffeine which is famous for its slimming action.

  • Application advice: in skin application, apply a dab of butter to the affected area and massage in a circular motion to penetrate.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): to fight cellulite, the essential oil of Cedar of the Atlas will be very interesting because lipolytic, just like that of Lemon or even Seaside Kriste.
  • Other Suitable Plant Oils: other plant oils can also be used such as Meadowsweet, Hempwood, Baobab or Mushroom Rose oil.

For Mature Skin

Efficiency: +.

Cocoa butter is very useful for mature skin thanks to its antioxidant and skin regenerating properties. Its composition in antioxidants and more particularly in vitamin E and polyphenols allow it to limit the cutaneous ageing and thus to fight against the appearance of the signs of age. The squalene it contains also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and thus restores suppleness and elasticity to the skin.

  • Application advice : in skin application, apply a dab of butter on the skin and make penetrate by light massages.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Geranium Roseat essential oil and Rose Musk oil will also be very effective for mature skin care.
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