How to fight against anxiety attacks with essential oils?

Distinct from stress or chronic anxiety, panic attacks occur suddenly and can be very frightening. People suffering from them start to feel an intense fear, the fear of dying being the most common characteristic of these panic attacks. There are many triggers (an enclosed space, a crowd, etc.) but generally speaking, the cause is more deeply rooted. A trauma in childhood can, for example, be at the origin of these sudden attacks. As an effective natural alternative, essential oils have powerful calming, relaxing and sedative properties.

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The quick reflex : Roman Chamomile

From 6 years and for adults. Orally,put 1 drop of pure Roman Chamomile under the tongue.

From 3 years of age and for adults.Inhalation,breathe directly over the bottle of Roman Chamomile.

From 3 months and for adults:

  • In diffusion, use Roman Chamomile essential oil according to the instructions for use of the diffuser.
  • By skin, mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile in 19 drops of vegetable oil, to be massaged on the solar plexus and on the wrists.

More details: how to use Roman Chamomile properly

Complete synergy

The mixture

To calm your anxiety attack, take your empty bottle, and add :

  • 20 drops of Complete Ylang Ylang essential oil 60 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil 20 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil 10 drops of Exotic Verbena essential oil 100 drops (5mL) ofArgan vegetable oil

Close (click!), homogenize and label your bottle. Your synergy is ready !

How to use

Apply 3 drops of the mixture in the hollow of the wrists and 3 drops on the solar plexus at the time of the crisis.

Authorized users

YES. Adults, children over 6 years old.
NOT. Pregnant and nursing women, children under 6 years old.

Special precautions

  • This synergy is not recommended in case of cardiovascular problems.
  • Medical advice is required for asthmatics and epileptics.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergy test with the mixture in the hollow of the elbow before any use.

These precautions apply under the conditions of application and dosage cited above. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Why these essential oils?

Ylang Ylang Complete calms the heartbeat

During an anxiety attack, heart rate and blood pressure increase. The Complete Ylang Ylang essential oil is thus an important component of this synergy due to its hypotensive and anti-arrhythmic properties. The sesquiterpenes it contains in quantity will indeed help regulate the heartbeat.

In this way, a general appeasement will be promoted to stop the anxiety attack.

The Roman Chamomile relaxes the muscles

The Roman Chamomile essential oil overwhelmingly contains esters. These molecules are generally considered to be extremely calming and antispasmodic.

One of these esters, isobutyl angelate, is referenced as being the most antispasmodic. It acts at the level of ion channels involved in muscle metabolism. By modulating their activity, it thus prevents the sustained contraction of the muscles. It will thus help to relax the muscles, which will have for direct effect a relaxation of the organization. By its relaxing effects, the essential oil of Roman Chamomile is then very indicated in this synergy to fight against the crises of anxiety.

Sweet Orange reduces nervousness

Highly recognized for promoting relaxation and calming anxiety, Sweet Orange Essential Oil brings a novel composition of molecules to this blend. This blend of components gives it a characteristic scent that will immediately soothe nervousness and anxiety.

The Sweet Orange will complete the one of the Ylang Ylang by its regulating action of the cardiac palpitations. The addition of this essential oil to our blend is therefore fully justified.

The Exotic Verbena participates in the overall relaxation of the body

The Exotic Verbena essential oil provides an oil that is very rich in citrals. These monoterpene aldehydes disrupt the transmission of molecules at ion channels responsible for muscle contraction. This action causes a muscular relaxation participating largely in an overall relaxation of the body.

The essential oil of Exotic Verbena is very strongly calming. For this reason, and the new molecules it brings to the synergy, this essential oil is essential to our synergy.

Why this vegetable oil?

The Argan makes penetrate oils in the organization

To make an anxiety attack disappear, we must act quickly. For this, it is the Argan vegetable oil that will be the most indicated: thanks to its affinity with the skin barrier and its penetrating power, it will transport the essential oils directly to the heart of the body, to allow them to act quickly and effectively. It is not for nothing that we say that Argan is the best vector for essential oils!

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