Easy cooking recipes with essential oils

Whether you have the culinary talent of a great chef or not, you are bound to love playing with your essential oils to enhance all your dishes! Yes, aromatic cooking is quite fun because of the multiple discoveries it generates. Source of flavors and smells often new, essential oils of citrus fruits (Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, ...) are, for example, very easily usable in your savory or sweet recipes. Others like Geranium Rosat or Ylang Ylang will bring a floral touch and will be more surprising (we love it!).

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Small reminder before cooking with essential oils

Before starting to cook with essential oils, it is important to know a few rules:

  • Essential oils must be diluted in a fatty substance (oil, cream, ...) because they are not miscible in water (as their name indicates!).
  • Essential oils lose their flavors and properties when heated (but this can be helpful when you've been a little heavy handed!).

Now that you know how to use them in the kitchen, all you have to do is grab your bottles and your apron!

Fill up on sweet treats with notes of essential oils

Madeleines proven├žales

Ah the madeleines... the snack of our childhood! To revisit this sweetness of yesteryear, add two drops ofTrue Lavender essential oil to your concoction.If you don't appreciate this flavor, you can add 3 drops of Shell Marjoram essential oil.

Chocolate and mint duo

Are you a chocolate cake addict (fondants, mousses, tarts, moelleux...)? Add 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil to your preparations to give a touch of minty freshness to your cakes.

The little extra: this EO has digestive properties!

Lemon meringue pie

A classic pastry: thelemon piemeringue! Want to make one easily, but don't have any organic lemon on hand? Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil! This will be enough to flavor your pie.

The small +: the digestive virtues of the EO of Lemon

Small slippers

Little apple cakes, the Sunday sweetness you can't deny yourself with a tea! Very easy and quick to make, you can give them an exotic touch by adding two drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to the filling (homemade organic applesauce for us).

Strawberry Pie

The strawberry pie, a great classic that cannot be beaten! To add a new original flavor, without changing your recipe, you can incorporate 1 drop of Melissa essential oil into your preparation. It will add a subtle touch of licorice.


Are you more of a citrus or red fruit person? No matter what your favorite fruits are, there is bound to be an essential oil to pair with your fruit salads! Add a few drops of the EO of your choice diluted in honey and mix it with your salad (mint, ginger, citrus).

It foams!

Get out your eggs, your chocolate bar, your whisk and let's go! Once your mousse starts to take shape, add an essential oil and continue whisking your mixture. For dark chocolate, add 2 drops of Orange EO, for white chocolate, add 2 drops of Bergamot EO, and for milk chocolate, add 1 drop of Field Mint EO.

Pretty sand roses

For an easy recipe, consider sand roses! Flavor them with 1 drop of Mint essential oil. For a more pungent flavor, choose the Peppermint, for a very fresh and light flavor, choose the Green Mint, and for a stronger minty flavor without the pungent touch, choose the Field Mint.


Little cookies for a snack? We say yes! But with 2 conditions: that there are essential oils and large chocolate chips! Addicted to cinnamon? You won't be disappointed by adding 1 drop of Cinnamon HE to your cookie dough. You can add 4 drops of Tangerine HE for delicious Cinnamon-Mandarin cookies.

Best for last, and company favorite:

Red berry muffin with essential oil of rose geranium

See that geranium that your grandmother lovingly waters on her balcony every morning? Well, it can flavor all your desserts! This essential oil goes perfectly with red fruits. Warning: it has a very strong taste so 1 or 2 drops are more than enough to flavor all your muffins! If you really don't like the taste of this essential oil, we suggest you replace it with Ylang Ylang.

We have only one tip for you: add a few drops of Geranium essential oil to your batter for your next batch of muffins!

For every savory dish, there is an essential oil!

Salads for everyone!

The salad, star of our summers with our swimsuits! To spice up your recipes, you can add one to two drops of Lemon or Basil essential oil to your dressing. The EOs should be diluted in a fat. Plus, they will aid in digestion! Here, zucchini & feta salad with Lemon essential oil.

Quiches and co

We all have our favorite quiche, pie or saltedcake recipe! To vary your favorite recipes, you can add a couple of drops of Verbenone Rosemary or Mountain Savory essential oil to your preparation. Good to know: the EOs lose some of their flavor when cooked.

A crazy soup night!

Another must-try dish: soups, our allies for warming up in winter! To add an original touch to your squash soups, you can include EO once your vegetables are cooked, during the blending process. We recommend adding Cinnamon EO, Green Tangerine EO or even Ginger EO to your pumpkin soups.