How to use and maintain your essential oil diffuser?

Knowing how to use and maintain your diffuser is important if you want it to last over time. That is why we advise you to read the instructions provided before use. In general: it is necessary to clean your diffuser at least once or twice a month, as well as each time you change the essential oil. Also, vegetable oils should be avoided in diffusers! Being viscous, they could damage it and clog it. But as each diffusion technology has its own particularities, it is important to adapt the maintenance to your diffuser.

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Nebulizers require maintenance

The use

Fine glass nozzles, it's maintainable!

This technology works only with essential oils. We recommend that you pour 1 to 2 teaspoons of essential oils into your diffuser to get it working


It is necessary to empty the tank then to add 1 to 2 teaspoons of white vinegar or domestic alcohol to it. You will then need to turn on your diffuser for 10 to 15 minutes and then empty the excess vinegar or alcohol.

Soft heat or ventilation diffusers

The use

The simplest ones!"

These technologies also work only with essential oils.
We recommend +/- 5 drops of essential oil for gentle heat diffusers and between 5 and 10 drops for fan diffusers.


A wipe with a cloth is enough to clean your diffuser.

Misters: a special technology that works with water

This is definitely the only circumstance where water and essential oils go well together!

The use

The misting or ultrasonic technology is the only one that works with water and essential oils.
The amount of water to pour is indicated on the diffuser and depends on the size of the water tank.
As for the number of drops of essential oils to pour, we recommend between 5 and 10 drops.


It is necessary to empty the remainder of water and essential oils present in the tank, to pass a blow of rag on the pastille as well as on the bottom of the diffuser and if necessary, to soak the rag with white vinegar then to rinse with clear water.

Please note

With this diffusion technology, the essential oils projected into the atmosphere fall back faster, weighed down by the water. This water, present in the form of micro-droplets, can eventually leave traces. We therefore recommend that you do not place your vaporizer on a piece of furniture made of fragile materials or that you protect the furniture around your vaporizer.

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