What are the guarantees of my essential oil diffuser?

It is important to know what guarantees I have after purchasing my diffuser. In the event of a breakage or failure, there are solutions. Moreover, the purchase of spare parts is possible since we sell a large part of the glassware of the diffusers that we propose to the sale.

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What guarantees do I have when I buy a diffuser?

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we offer a 1-year reseller warranty, valid for all our diffusers, from the date of purchase.

If you find that your diffuser is defective during its warranty period, we invite you to contact the Customer Service who will tell you the steps to follow to set up a claim. This will be taken care of by The company of the senses within 48H.

The new diffuser will be sent to you within a maximum of 15 days, depending on the availability of the product.

In the case where the diffuser is not available, The company of the senses will send you an equivalent product or will proceed to the refunding of the product as well as the possible expenses of return.

It is necessary to recall that the majority of the suppliers impose to preserve the original packing in order to be covered by the guarantee.

Please note that any product whose failure results from negligence or inappropriate use of the diffuser (disregard of the instructions for installation and operation of the product), will permanently void the reseller warranty.

How do I get diffuser parts?

The spare parts we offer for sale are only for the glassware of our diffusers, as well as the caps and blotters.

Simply search for the part you want in our search tab on our site and place an order.

You will find below the list of spare parts that we offer for sale

See all spare parts we offer for sale Healing with oils... Theophane de la Charie

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