Essential oil diffusers by nebulization: advantages and disadvantages

Most aromatherapy enthusiasts use essential oil diffusers by nebulization. This diffusion technology has many advantages! This page will present you in detail the functioning of these diffusers, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a selection of the best nebulizers of the moment.

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The technology

How does it work? The essential oils are propelled by a pump, vertically through a fine glass nozzle. At the exit of this nozzle, a very fast and transversal air blast comes to receive the essential oils, which are thus projected laterally on the walls of the outer glassware. The flow of essential oils and air are both very strongly accelerated by venturi effect, effect produced by the shape of the two nozzles. The high speed of these 2 flows, as well as the angle at which they intersect, creates a very strong dispersion of the essential oil particles, which are therefore propelled into the atmosphere with strong kinetics and a very low weight. The ideal for a good diffusion.

Choose a nebulizer if

  • You want to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic purposes (disinfection of the ambient air, zen atmosphere, prevention of winter diseases, etc.): nebulization is in this case all indicated!
  • You want to give a nice gift to someone: these are beautiful objects, often designed in noble materials.
  • You want to diffuse over a large area: a nebulizer can easily "treat" 50m², and leave a background of odor on 100m².

Top 6 nebulizers

Citrus Diffuser - 64,90

I love its beauty, its power, its materials. The Citrus is an exceptional diffuser, made of solid wood, glass and ceramics, animated with a sober lighting: it is simply beautiful. It is also very powerful: a diffusion by nebulization via fine glassware, the must.

Discover the Citrus
Litsea Diffuser - 49,90

I love how powerful and robust it is. It diffuses with efficiency in a large room. It is fully customizable, which allows you a nice control of your diffusion. It is also very robust and durable. Its system of feeding by a nozzle that screws directly to your bottle makes it very easy to use.

Discover the Litsea
Nebulo Diffuser - 49,90

I love its all wood and glass design that makes it a sleek and elegant essential oil diffuser. Capable of diffusing in rooms ranging from 40 to 100 sqm, it combinespower and practicality of usewith its control knob allowing two types of diffusion from soft to intense.

Discover Nebulo
Abies diffuser - 54,90

I like its power and beautiful finish. This diffuser showcases beautiful materials (solid wood, fine glassware). Its diffusion power is excellent, like most glass nebulizers.

Discover the Abies
Salvia Diffuser - 39,90

I love its unbeatable value. This is the first quality nebulizer diffuser available at this price. Yet it's powerful and sturdy: it will provide excellent diffusion throughout your home.

Discover the Salvia
Myrtus Diffuser - 49.90

I love its very smart nomadic design. Equipped with a battery, programmable, powered by a USB cable, drawing essential oils directly from the bottle: it's perfect for the car or for your office!

Discover the Myrtus

Advantages of nebulization

  • Nebulization is to date the most advanced diffusion technology. It is indeed the only one that allows such a powerful diffusion, being able to fill spaces up to 100m²!
  • In addition, this diffusion is entirely cold, and the essential oil particles are particularly well dispersed when they are projected: they are therefore lighter and remain suspended in the air longer than with other technologies.
  • Finally, nebulizers are generally very nice products, with beautiful glassware and bases made of noble materials. In a living room, they look great...

Disadvantages of nebulization

  • The main disadvantage of nebulization, is the slight noise it emits. So a nebulizer will always emit a small hissing sound, not disturbing in a living room, but clearly not possible in a bedroom. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't bother me too much (it's just a small vibration noise), but there are some people who it can bother.
  • The second problem with nebulization isthe price of the diffusers. It's clearly the top of the line in terms of diffusion technology, so it's hard to find a good nebulizer on the internet for under 50€.
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