Soft heat diffusers: advantages and disadvantages

This is the simplest diffusion technique. The basic rule concerning the diffusion of essential oils is not to exceed 40°C. The diffusers by soft heat will thus heat the essential oil or oils... gently. You have on these diffusers a small receptacle, in which we pour a few drops of essential oils. Little by little, under the effect of heat, the volatile aromatic particles are propelled into the atmosphere.

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Choose a soft heat diffuser if

  • You want an inexpensive small diffuser, for starters: soft heat diffusers are so simple in design rarely exceed 30€.
  • You want to diffuse essential oils to sleep better in your bedroom, so a diffuser that doesn't make any noise.

Selection of soft heat diffusers

Cozy Diffuser - € 24.90

I love its discretion and ease of use. The Cozy is a soft heat diffuser and therefore makes no noise. In addition, it is childishly easy to use and will diffuse the EOs gently: less risk of overloading your home so.

Discover the Cozy
Aloe Vera Diffuser - Made in France - 49.50

I love its 100% French handcrafted manufacturing! It is made in a workshop located a few dozen kilometers south of Lyon, in an ethical and eco-design approach. It combines the know-how of 2 creative craftsmen: a cabinetmaker and a glassmaker.

Discover Aloe

Advantages of soft heat diffusion

  • These diffusers are inexpensive, and usually very sturdy. If you find a soft heat diffuser expensive and fragile, don't make any excuses for the manufacturer! Because at the end of the day, it's just a simple heating element...
  • This diffusion technology makes absolutely no noise. Nothing moves, everything is inert in this system, except for the heat. And heat... it doesn't make noise... normally.

Disadvantages of the soft heat diffusion

  • The snag with soft heat is the power. We're not going to lie, soft heat diffusers are good for one room diffusion, but not more. 20m ² big max.
  • In addition, be careful not to buy your soft heat diffuser just anywhere: if the product is not reliable, you risk exceeding 40°C with the harmful effects that we know.
Aloe Diffuser Made in France

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