Which essential oils for which property?

Each essential oil is unique and has particular active ingredients and therefore characteristic associated properties allowing to fight against numerous evils. If you are looking for an essential oil with specific properties, you are in the right place!

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Glossary of essential oil properties

A that kills dust mites which has an action on the hormonal system (regulation, stimulation, inhibition...) which inhibits the sensation of pain which reversibly blocks the transmission of pain along the nerves that reduces pain which is used against intestinal parasites (vermifuge) which has an action against nausea which kills a large number of organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc... which fights against an inflammation which fights against the oxidation of other chemical substances that fights against fatigue which helps to eliminate respiratory secretions which allows to fluidify the blood and to limit its coagulation; this allows to prevent the appearance of blood clots which allows the elimination of fungi responsible for infections which stops a bleed. which fights against the secretion and action of histamine, the molecule responsible for allergic reactions which inhibits the perception of pain that kills all kinds of parasites (lice, fleas, mites, etc...) which kills parasites called protozoa responsible for various diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, etc... that calms and eliminates pruritus, i.e. skin itching which disinfects and eliminates all traces of bacteria and viruses that kills viruses that calms and soothes an anxiety that stimulates the appetite that stimulates sexual desire that tones and tightens skin tissue which allows the elimination of excess water present in the body B that kills bacteria which prevents the development and proliferation of bacteria that soothes inflamed mucous membranes which acts against coughing C which causes the expulsion of intestinal gases which facilitates the evacuation of bile from the gallbladder to the intestine which promotes the production of bile by the liver that promotes healing which mimics the action of cortisone in the body D which allows to remove a congestion in the body (fluidifies the circulation of lymph, blood or other...) Digestive : which promotes digestion
which promotes digestion which facilitates expectoration, i.e., the evacuation of respiratory secretions F which promotes the dissolution of a blood clot G
Galactagogue: which promotes milk secretion
that stops bleeding that protects the liver which mimics the action of hormones in the body which helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood which allows to lower the tension and thus the blood pressure I that stimulates or slows down the immune system's reactions that stimulates the immune system that keeps insects away that kills insects L which accelerates the intestinal transit Which promotes the breakdown of fats
Litholytic: which can dissolve gallstones M which fluidifies and promotes the evacuation of respiratory secretions which has an action on the muscle N which stimulates the nervous system and calms an anxious state which has an action on the nervous system O which mimics the action of estrogen in the body P increase the tone of the venous walls and facilitate blood circulation R which protects the skin and promotes the synthesis of skin cells S that soothes, relaxes and helps you fall asleep which suppresses spasms, involuntary muscle contractions which promotes digestion U which increases the tone of the uterine muscles V which favors the dilation of the vessels, i.e. the increase of their diameter and thus a better blood circulation

The properties of essential oils in detail


Which essential oils have analgesic properties?

Many times you have felt pain... Whether it is in the head, the stomach, the back, each pain was persistent and deserved to be taken care of quickly. Different activities of essential oils are interesting to alleviate or completely inhibit the pain; we speak of analgesic, analgesic and local anesthetic activity.

Analgesic essential oils


Which essential oils have spasmolytic properties?

Who hasn't felt certain muscles contracting without being able to control them? The bronchial tubes, the stomach, the intestine... These famous cramps which sometimes make us writhe in pain and even wake us up in the middle of the night! Essential oils are known for their antispasmodic properties.

Spasmolytic essential oils


Which essential oils have anti-bacterial properties?

Bacteria, so tiny and yet so strong at the same time! There are good bacteria, those that are good for us, and then there are bad bacteria, and it is better to eliminate them immediately before they multiply. Many essential oils are effective in killing them and preventing their development.

Antibacterial essential oils


Which essential oils have mucolytic properties?

The nose, the mouth, the bronchial tubes, the sinuses... everything is connected and depending on the season, everything can be blocked! Mucus accumulates and becomes denser. To fluidify it and expel it from the body, certain essential oils are effective. The elimination of mucus also leads to the elimination of all pathogenic germs present inside.

Mucolytic essential oils

Cutaneous healing

Which essential oils have healing properties for the skin?

Did you cut yourself while pruning your rosebushes, make a wound when you fell, or burn yourself while preparing good food? Thanks to essential oils and their anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties, your wounds will heal faster. No more infections, blisters and ugly scars!

Healing essential oils


Which essential oils have digestive properties?

Against digestive disorders, we find many interesting activities of essential oils. Spasmolytic, they will act on the smooth muscles of the stomach. Cholagogues and choleretics, they will act on the production and the secretion of the bile. Anti-nausea or anti-emetic, essential oils will fight against nausea.

Digestive essential oils


Which essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties?

Essential oils have a place of choice in the fight against inflammation represented by all the reactions of the body in response to aggression suffered. Whether it is an inflammation of the muscles, the skin, the bladder, the bronchi, essential oils act effectively through our immune system.

Anti-inflammatory essential oils


Which essential oils have anxiolytic properties?

Who has never felt stress? For whom this state turns into anxiety or even anguish? As soon as the first signs appear (sweating, stomach ache, increased heart rate...), it is important to react. When stress becomes unbearable, there are many effective essential oils for their calming and relaxing actions.

Essential oils for anxiety


Which essential oils have circulatory properties?

Poor circulation is the cause of many discomforts. Do you have high blood pressure? You suffer from varicose veins, heavy legs? Essential oils are there to help you fight these disorders. Thanks to their tonic or vasodilator properties, you can regain good blood and lymphatic circulation!

Circulatory essential oils


Which essential oils have anti-allergic properties?

To help fight against allergies, there are many essential oils with interesting properties. Antihistamines, they will block the mechanisms responsible for allergic reactions. Antiallergic, they will allow to reduce the allergic symptoms and thus to clear the respiratory tracts, to limit itchings or rednesses.

Anti-allergic essential oils


Which essential oils have immunostimulant properties?

But what is our immune system doing? It's taking a vacation and this is not the time: fatigue is accumulating, viruses are attacking, in short, nothing is going well! Don't worry, even if it's silent, it's watching over you. However, some essential oils can give it a little boost through their immunostimulant action, by reinforcing the insufficient responses of our body through different mechanisms

Immunostimulating essential oils

Organic Essential Oils Chemotyped and Integral


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