Which essential oils to use against the flu?

Chills, aches and pains, fatigue, but also headaches and sore throats, sneezing and especially fever are the first symptoms of the flu. Others then appear: a dry cough, a runny nose, and often in children, a viral gastroenteritis. Some essential oils have powerful and recognized antiviral virtues. Their mixture with other essential oils having a targeted action on each of the symptoms of the flu, will be an effective remedy.

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The quick reflex: Ravintsara

From age 3 and for adults:

  • Cutaneous pathway: 3 drops of Ravintsara to be distributed in the lower back, along the spine and on the chest, 4 to 5 times a day, until improvement.
  • Oral route: 1 drop of Ravintsara in a teaspoon of honey or olive oil or on a sugar, 4 times a day, until improvement.

From 3 months to 3 years, and for pregnant women over 3 months: same use as above, but favoring the cutaneous route, and diluting Ravintsara essential oil to 10% in a vegetable oil, ideally Hazelnut oil (1 dose of essential oil + 9 doses of vegetable oil).

how to use Ravintsara correctly?

Complete synergy for adults

The mixture

To fight the flu, mix :

  • 60 drops of Ravintsara essential oil.
  • 40 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.
  • 20 drops of Noble Laurel essential oil.
  • 40 drops of Black Spruce essential oil.
  • 80 drops (4 mL) of Nigella vegetable oil.

How to use

Put 3 drops of the mixture on the chest and upper back. Repeat 6 times a day for 2 to 3 days.

Note: our experts modified this synergy on 11/17/2021. The video of this synergy was made previously. While waiting for its update, we invite you to follow the recipe indicated on the site.

Authorized users

YES. Adults, children over 6 years old.
NOT. Pregnant and nursing women, children under 6 years old.

Special precautions

  • For people with epilepsy, this synergy may present an epileptogenic risk if the doses are not respected.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergy test with the mixture in the hollow of the elbow before any use.

These precautions apply under the conditions of application and dosage cited above. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Complete synergy for pregnant women and children

The blend for pregnant women and children

Take your empty bottle, and add :

  • 30 drops of Ravintsara essential oil.
  • 20 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.
  • 6 drops of Inula Odorant essential oil.
  • 140 drops of Hazelnut vegetable oil.

Close (click!), homogenize and label your bottle. Your synergy is ready to be used!

How to use

For pregnant women over 3 months: Apply 15 drops of the mixture to the chest, 5 times a day for 3 days.

For children over 3 years old: Spread 8 drops of the mixture over the chest and upper back, 3 times a day for 3 days.

Authorized users

YES. Pregnant women over 3 months, nursing mothers, children over 3 years.
NOT. Pregnant women under 3 months, children under 3 years.

In general, remember that essential oils are NOT allowed in the first 3 months of pregnancy. More details: essential oils for children and essential oils for pregnant and nursing women

Special precautions

  • A medical consultation is strongly recommended in case of fever.
  • This synergy can cause a strong expectorant reaction (powerful decongestion of the respiratory tract).
  • Medical advice is required for people with asthma or epilepsy.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergy test with the mixture in the hollow of the elbow before any use.

These precautions apply under the conditions of application and dosage cited above. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Why these essential oils?

Ravintsara strengthens white blood cells and fights viruses

Ravintsara is the antiviral essential oil par excellence. The alpha terpineol and 1,8-cineole that it contains in quantity have each proven properties in the fight against viruses, and their specific combination (this terpene alcohol coupled with this terpene oxide) increases tenfold and targets their effects on Influenza, the flu virus.

In addition, Ravintsara essential oil effectively boosts immunity by stimulating the adrenal glands. These organs, located at the level of the kidneys are responsible for the secretion of many molecules necessary for the proper functioning of the body. When they are subjected to a state of stress, the adrenal glands produce a large quantity of cortisol which is a hormone whose action partly inhibits the immune system. This leads to a state of general fatigue and the immune system is weakened. It is therefore important to stimulate the adrenal glands and keep them in a certain state of shape. Indeed, this is necessary to strengthen immunity, helping to fight the virus, and to be an effective barrier to infections that could take advantage of the state of influenza fatigue to take hold.

Finally, 1,8-cineole, a major component of Ravintsara essential oil, has expectorant and mucolytic properties by stimulating the mucin glands. In other words, 1,8-cineole helps to liquefy and expel mucus from the trachea and bronchi, thus freeing the airways. This property is essential when we know that the flu is primarily a respiratory infection.

Black spruce limits inflammation and gets you back on your feet

The Black Spruce essential oil holds great importance in this synergy. It is present for many of its properties. Among its main constituents is bornyl acetate. This molecule is known to be analgesic by action on the nervous system. It also intervenes on the chain of reactions leading to an inflammation, thus limiting the latter. The various pains related to the flu state will thus be attenuated.

In addition to that, the essential oil of Black Spruce is a powerful tonic because of its terpene content. It intervenes, by its cortison-like hormonal action, on the "pituitary-cortical-adrenal" axis. This system governs many processes in the body, and states of fatigue are sometimes due to a failure of the latter. Thus, the action of the essential oil of Black Spruce will stimulate in a general way various functions of the organization and will allow a faster and effective recovery.

The essential oil of laurel treats headaches

The Noble Laurel essential oil contains eugenol and methyl eugenol, molecules with powerful anti-nervous action. They are involved in the relief of pain caused by a nervous condition. The headaches caused by the flu virus being indeed of nervous origin, the essential oil of Noble Laurel allows to fight against this flu symptom.

Moreover, we can add to this interesting antineuralgic property, the antiviral, expectorant and mucolytic properties of the molecules (alpha pinene and 1,8-cineole) present in this essential oil. These last three actions, which are also found in other components of this synergy, do not leave any chance of survival to the virus of the flu.

The essential oil of Eucalyptus Radiata calms the cough

Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil is essential to the blend for its antitussive action. It aims to control the spasms of the respiratory muscles responsible for the cough reflex. This property is attributed to the joint action of terpenyl acetate for its general antispasmodic virtues and 1,8-cineole, which inhibits the contractions caused by acetylcholine on the tracheal muscle. That makes it possible to significantly calm this major symptom of the flu which is the cough.

Moreover, having a combination of molecules different but almost similar to those of the essential oil of Ravintsara, the essential oil of Eucalyptus Radiata comes in reinforcement of this one by its antiviral action, targeted on the virus of the flu, and its expectorant and mucolytic properties.

By its specificity antitussive and its addition to Ravintsara, the essential oil of Eucalyptus Radiata is therefore indicated in this synergy against the flu.

Fragrant inula: anti-inflammatory and respiratory decongestant

Scented Inula essential oil is unlike any other and will be of great benefit in the fight against the flu. It has bornyl acetate as its main component. This ester, in addition to its analgesic effect (loss of pain sensitivity), is also a very good anti-inflammatory. The flu infection is synonymous with many diffuse pains and a consequent inflammation of the respiratory tract, the Odorous Inula is thus here what it is necessary to the infected pregnant women and children.

To be more precise, bornyl acetate modulates the secretion of nitric oxide and certain prostaglandins. These molecules are involved in different mechanisms of the inflammatory reaction; the latter, caused by the infection, will therefore be limited.

In addition to that, the sweet woodruff is especially recognized for its powerful respiratory decongestant properties. This essential oil is associated with the expectorant effects of Ravintsara while providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties making it essential to this synergy.

Why these vegetable oils?

Nigella to support the immunostimulant essential oils

Nigella oil

A soft support for children: the Hazelnut

Pregnant women and children have a fragile metabolism, which is best preserved by diluting essential oils in a mild vegetable oil. The most suitable is Hazelnut Vegetable Oil. Its composition, rich in fatty acids, allows it to soften and nourish the skin, to strengthen the skin barrier.But more importantly, it is a very penetrating oil, which allows the rapid passage of active ingredients in the body, to make this synergy effective quickly to overcome the flu.

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