Avocado vegetable oil : benefits and uses in natural cosmetics and nutrition

The avocado is a very interesting fruit because of its high nutritional value and its important quantity of vitamins A, C, D, E and K. This fruit has been used for thousands of years by the Central American people for its benefits, and produces a thick oil recommended for beauty care. This vegetable oil is extremely well tolerated by the skin, even on fine areas such as around the eyes; it is also widely recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Latin name : Persea americana Mill. Part used: fruits

Main properties

  • assouplissant : this vegetable oil restores elasticity to the skin which indicates it particularly against wrinkles.
  • Skin regenerator : this vegetable oil acts in the skin cell reconstruction, so it is recommended for many dermatological problems.
  • nourishing : very moisturizing, this vegetable oil is used as a night cream to deeply nourish the skin. It is also used in hair mask, to nourish dry and brittle hair and promote their growth.
  • skin protector: this vegetable oil is excellent for skin dehydrated by wind and sea air. It can also be used in after sun.
  • preservative: this vegetable oil allows a better preservation thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E.
  • anti-oxidant : the presence of natural anti-radical compounds such as vitamin E or carotenoids make this oil an excellent anti-aging remedy. This property associated with that of skin repair and protection allows Avocado oil to fight effectively against the signs of dryness and aging of the skin.

Characteristics and composition

Cosmetic characteristics
  • Skin type: dry, mature, sensitive.
  • Type of hair: dry, damaged, brittle.

Organoleptic characteristics
  • Appearance: thick oily liquid, which may become cloudy or congeal when the temperature is lowered
  • Color: green to brown
  • Odor: sweet, characteristic, butyric.
  • Touch : bold.
  • Taste : sweet, herbaceous.

Characteristics for the formulation
  • Unsaponifiable and active ingredients : vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin H, vitamin K, vitamin PP.
  • Comedogenicity index : 0 (=non comedogenic)
  • Average saponification value: 188
  • Oxidation stability: good
  • Stability at high temperatures: good

Fatty acid composition
  • linoleic acid (omega 6 PUFA) : 5 à 16 %
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA) : 45 à 75 %
  • palmitic acid (SFA): 12 à 25 %
  • palmitoleic acid (omega 7 MUFA) : 3 à 12 %

Physical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C: 0.910 à 0.918
  • Flash point : 175
  • Peroxide Index: 10
  • Acid number : 10.000

Botanical characteristics
  • Botanical family: Lauraceae
  • Country of origin: Kenya.
  • Distilled part: fruits
  • Production process : first cold pressing
  • Latin name : Persea americana Mill

Precautions for use

Authorized use of the product

Dermal route Oral route

Authorized users

Adults and Teens Children under 6 years old Pregnant and nursing women Babies under 3 years old


Preferably stored in a cool place, away from light and heat.

Nutritional benefits

Avocado oil is produced from the extraction of the avocado pulp. This oil has a high concentration of vitamin E and carotenoids, which gives it strong antioxidant properties.

Rich in omega-9, Avocado oil also offers numerous health benefits, notably in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders or type 2 diabetes.

  • Tips for use: by mouth, integrate Avocado oil into the diet as a replacement or supplement to olive oil for example. Avocado oil has the advantage of not degrading when heated, so in cooking it can be consumed in pan-fried preparations, but also be consumed raw in salads in vinaigrette sauce for example.
  • Other complementary vegetable oils: Flax, Hemp or Perilla oils are also very interesting in nutrition because they are particularly rich in omega-3.

In case of dry skin

Efficiency : ++++

Avocado vegetable oil is ideal for dry skin. The numerous vitamins that compose it allow it to have softening and penetrating properties, but also nourishing and regenerating, which leaves the skin as new, moisturized and repaired in depth.

  • Application advice : apply a few drops of Avocado vegetable oil, morning and evening on sensitive and dry areas.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Avocado oil is very interesting for dry skin but the Shea Butter, the Wheat Germ or even the Hazelnut are also very nourishing in this case.

For dry hair, brittle hair, damaged hair

Efficiency : +++

Highly concentrated in vitamin E, Avocado vegetable oil perfectly nourishes brittle and split hair. Its softening and smoothing properties allow to maintain your hair soft and silky by restoring shine and elasticity. It will penetrate perfectly in the capillary fiber to protect it from the external aggressions, it strengthens the hair by giving it brightness and shine, and by preventing their fall.

  • Application advice: apply a sufficient amount of Avocado oil to the lengths and ends, so that all the oil penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Leave on as a mask for about 30 minutes, then rinse with clear water and proceed to shampoo.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Avocado oil is great for strengthening and nourishing damaged hair, but Coco or Ricin plant oil are also widely used in hair care.

For Mature Skin

Effectiveness: ++.

Avocado vegetable oil stimulates the production of collagen, thus delaying the appearance of the signs of aging. Also rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, it will have an antioxidant action by neutralizing the free radicals responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Avocado oil will therefore be ideal for anti-ageing care and especially for anti-wrinkle care.

  • Application advice: apply a few drops of Avocado vegetable oil in a massage, morning and evening on the affected areas.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): against wrinkles, you can add a few drops of Rose Geranium essential oil to your Avocado oil to increase its effectiveness.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Avocado oil is very interesting for mature skin, but Musk Rose plant oil is also very effective.

In case of Scar, Stretch marks

Effectiveness: ++.

Avocado oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids, which are very effective in strengthening and moisturizing the skin. Concentrated in unsaturated essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E, it softens, regenerates and helps healing. It thus fights effectively against the small boo-boos of the daily newspaper and the stretch marks.

  • Application advice : massage the affected areas with small circular movements until complete penetration of the oil. You can renew the application 4 times a day, until visible improvement.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): to promote beautiful healing, you can add a few drops of Italian Helichrysum, Patchouli or Fine Lavender essential oil to your Avocado oil to increase its effectiveness.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Avocado oil is great for regenerating the skin, but other plant oils like Rose Musca or Apricot Kernel are also very useful.
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