Carrot oil macerate: benefits and uses in natural cosmetics

To take advantage of the unique virtues of the carrot's constituents, its roots are macerated in sunflower oil. An oily macerate is then obtained, making the joy of all fans of sunbathing! Because of its natural content of provitamin A, the oily macerate of carrot is indeed one of the best natural self-tanners, and thanks to its moisturizing properties, it will also constitute a perfect after-sun. Finally, it will give back all their brightness to the dull and tired skins. Latin name: Daucus carota L. Part used: roots

Main properties

  • anti-oxidant : its content of provitamin A makes this oily macerate a very good antioxidant, it will capture free radicals and thus fight against the effects of aging.
  • skin protector: rich in linoleic and oleic acid, Carrot oily macerate helps to nourish and maintain good skin hydration, thus strengthening its hydrolipid film
  • effect good mine : the orange coloration of the oily macerate of carrot will restore color to the skin. Promoting a complexion, tanned, it is also a perfect preparation for tanning.
  • assouplissant : it helps maintain the elastic structure of the skin. This is actually one of the reasons why it fits perfectly in anti-aging preparations.

Characteristics and composition

Cosmetic characteristics
  • Skin type: mature, acneic, dull.
  • Type of hair: dull, dry, damaged.

Organoleptic characteristics
  • Appearance: oily liquid
  • Color: yellow to orange
  • Odor: weak.
  • Touch : dry.

Characteristics for the formulation
  • Unsaponifiable and active ingredients: β-carotene (provitamin A).
  • Comedogenicity index : 1 (=low comedogenicity)
  • Average saponification value: 188
  • Oxidation stability: sensitive
  • INCI name: Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract

Fatty acid composition
  • linoleic acid (omega 6 PUFA) : 48 à 74 %
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA) : 14 à 40 %
  • palmitic acid (SFA): 4 à 9 %
  • stearic acid (SFA): 1 à 7 %

Physical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C: 0.880 à 0.920
  • Flash point : 175
  • Peroxide index : 25
  • Acid value : 0.500

Botanical characteristics
  • Botanical family: Apiaceae
  • Country of origin: France.
  • Distilled part: roots
  • Production process : maceration in sunflower oil
  • Latin name : Daucus carota L.

Precautions for use

Authorized use of the product

Dermal route

Authorized users

Adults and Teens Children under 6 years old Pregnant and nursing women Babies under 3 years old


Preferably stored in a cool place, away from light and heat.

In case of dull skin

Efficiency : ++++

Carrot oil macerate is rich in carotenoids, a family of natural pigments responsible for the color of certain fruits and vegetables. They give them a hue that can range from yellow-orange to red-violet. They are found in carrots of course, but also in tomatoes and apricots for example. In the carrot and in its oily macerate, we find more particularly beta-carotene, which has benefits for the body... In particular that of giving good mine, to wake up the complexion!

  • Application advice : massage a few drops of Carrot oil macerate morning and evening on the skin.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Apricot Kernel Oil also contains carotenoids for a healthy glow!

For tanning (preparation for)

Efficiency : +++

The oily macerate of Carrot helps to prepare the skin for the sun. Indeed, the beta-carotene which it contains takes part in the activation of the synthesis of melanin, the natural pigments of the skin. This strengthens the skin's protection against the sun's UV rays, and thus better prepares it for sun exposure. Moreover, its richness in fatty acids allows it to nourish the skin and to soften it, in this way it allows to prolong the tanning. Attention however, the oily macerate of Carrot does not replace the protection of a solar cream!

  • Application advice : apply the Carrot oily macerate in small dabs on the areas of the body to be prepared and penetrate well.
  • Other Suitable Plant Oils: again, the most suitable plant oil to prepare the skin for tanning is Apricot Kernel Oil!

For Mature Skin

Effectiveness: ++.

In addition to having a healthy glow, the beta-carotene present in the oily macerate of Carrot confers anti-oxidant properties to him, allowing to act in favor of the protection of the cells of the skin against the free radicals. The Sunflower oil in which the Carrot is macerated also provides softening and smoothing properties. The oily macerate of Carrot thus makes it possible to prevent the wrinkles and to embellish the skin.

  • Application advice : massage a few drops of Carrot oil macerate morning and evening on the skin.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): to complete the anti-wrinkle action of Carrot macerate, Carrot essential oil this time can be used, just like Cistus or Rose Geranium.
  • Other suitable plant oils: the Muscular Rose, the Hemp Seed or the Apricot Kernel are other suitable plant oils for mature skin.
Carrot Organic oily macerate

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