Macadamia vegetable oil: benefits and uses in natural cosmetics and health

Macadamia vegetable oil obtained by pressing the nuts has brought all its benefits with it from Australia. Its properties are similar to those of Sweet Almond oil but it is more suitable for adults. Rich in palmitoleic acid, cell protector, it is the expert of fragile and damaged skin. Excellent vector of absorption of essential oils, it penetrates into the cells of the skin, without leaving a greasy film, to nourish it in depth. Summer and winter, it protects you from external aggressions and soothes your skin gently. Latin name : Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche. Part used : nut

Main properties

  • nourishing : this vegetable oil nourishes the skin in depth for maximum hydration. Indeed, it has a good amount of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid quite special: it is indeed an omega-7, naturally present in membrane lipids. Present in sebum, it has a strong antimicrobial activity, and its contribution by a vegetable oil reinforces this activity. The decrease in sebum production in the elderly makes Macadamia OIL all the more useful for them.
  • assouplissant : this vegetable oil restores suppleness and elasticity to the skin thus fighting against skin aging. It also fights against stretch marks and scars.
  • soothing : softening and soothing, this vegetable oil relieves damaged and fragile skin. It is widely used to soften chapped and cracked hands due to the cold.
  • skin protector: this vegetable oil protects skin cells from external aggressions such as pollution or the sun thanks to its light UV filter.
  • Penetrating : this vegetable oil penetrates very easily and quickly into the skin because it is very fluid. It does not leave a greasy feeling and is a perfect massage base.
  • tonic, vascular protector : Known for its tonic action of the circulatory system, Macadamia oil can be used to promote microcirculation.
  • restructuring : its regenerative virtues participate in the healing and repair of weakened skin.

Characteristics and composition

Cosmetic characteristics
  • Skin type: dry, damaged, irritated, all skin types, oily, combination.
  • Type of hair: dry, damaged, colored.

Organoleptic characteristics
  • Appearance: oily mobile liquid
  • Color: light yellow to orange
  • Odor: characteristic of hazelnut.
  • Touch : dry.
  • Taste : reminiscent of roasted nuts.

Characteristics for the formulation
  • Unsaponifiable and active ingredients : vitamin E, avenasterols.
  • Comedogenicity index : 2 (=low comedogenicity)
  • Average saponification value: 195
  • Oxidation stability: good
  • Stability at high temperatures: good
  • INCI name: Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil

Fatty acid composition
  • palmitoleic acid (omega 7 MUFA) : 18 à 28 %
  • palmitic acid (SFA): 5 à 11 %
  • stearic acid (SFA): 3 à 6 %
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA) : 50 à 60 %
  • unsaponifiable matter: ≤ 0.5 %

Physical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C: 0.910 à 0.930
  • Peroxide Index: 15
  • Acid number : 2.000
  • Refractive index at 20°C : 1.464 à 1.472

Botanical characteristics
  • Botanical family: Proteaceae
  • Country of origin: Australia, Kenya.
  • Distilled part: nut
  • Production process : first cold pressing
  • Latin name : Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche.

Precautions for use

  • People allergic to nuts should seek medical advice before use.

Authorized use of the product

Dermal route Oral route

Authorized users

Adults and Teens Children under 6 years old Pregnant and nursing women Babies under 3 years old


Preferably stored in a cool place, away from light and heat.

Nutritional benefits

The Macadamia nut may be very cute with its round and smooth shape, but it is not so young: it was discovered 5000 years ago by the Aborigines, then rediscovered in 1858 by an English botanist in Australia, who gave it its name. The Macadamia nuts are extremely resistant and you will need powerful tools before tasting them since they are protected by an extremely rigid shell. You will even find tutorials on how to open a nut without crushing it!

Its delicious smell of roasted nuts will seduce you and will make your mouth water. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, particularly oleic and palmitoleic acid, Macadamia oil, beyond its taste, will have positive effects on your health. Thanks to its toning action of the lymphatic and blood system, it will prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Very stable, it is consumed as well raw as cooked! In short, there are only positive points to Macadamia oil, which is attractive both in terms of taste and nutrition.

  • Tips for use: Macadamia oil is very interesting and will give a touch of originality to dishes that lack pep: In salad: replace the olive oil of your dressing by Macadamia oil In dessert: in a fruit salad, to accompany caramelized fruits or an ice cream in summer.

For colored hair

Efficiency : ++++

Macadamia oil is very good for your hair: as a hair mask, it will protect your hair and limit its aggression, and it is very useful to help maintain colorations. Macadamia oil works by creating a protective film on your hair that becomes more resistant to the various daily aggressions (sun, wind, sand, colors...). Indeed, its richness in oleic and palmitoleic acid gives it moisturizing properties of the hair and scalp. Moreover, it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and it will thus support the local capillary microcirculation.

Highly nourishing for hair damaged by coloring, Macadamia plant oil works deep down, without leaving it feeling greasy after rinsing. And, most importantly, it protects the hair fiber from external aggressions to keep hair healthy.

  • Application advice : in hair mask, leave on for at least an hour then shampoo. Can also be used as a conditioner.
  • Other Suitable Plant Oils: You can also use Coconut Plant Oil, Scarf Oil or Cassis Oil to strengthen your damaged hair and maintain color.

In case of cracks, chapping, damaged skin

Efficiency : +++

Macadamia vegetable oil is extremely rich in molecules that are good for the skin. Oleic and palmitoleic acids nourish the skin in depth, moisturize and protect it. Moreover, when massaged, it facilitates local microcirculation and tones up the lymphatic system, which facilitates good skin regeneration, for problems where the hands are often cold and blood circulation is poor.

  • Application advice: a few drops morning and evening by massaging on your hands.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): to combine the moisturizing and protective aspect of Macadamia oil, you can add Lavender Aspic, Rose Geranium or Cistus essential oil to benefit from their healing properties.
  • Other suitable plant oils: against chapping, cracking or frostbite, Shea Butter is also very beneficial, as is Wheat Germ Plant Oil.

In case of dry skin, irritated skin

Efficiency : +++

Macadamia oil has a particularity that few oils have: it can be adapted to almost all skin types! It will bring a second youth to your skin thanks to its hydrating and softening properties. Often compared to Sweet Almond oil which is mainly used for babies, Macadamia oil has similar properties but is more adapted to mature skin. Thanks to its richness in oleic acid, Macadamia will reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier to keep the skin moisturized, elastic and protected. The oil of Macadamia is thus ideal for the dry, damaged skins, even atopic.

  • Application advice : a few drops morning and evening on dry and damaged areas.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): if your skin is well damaged, then you can benefit additionally from the healing virtues of True Lavender, Cistus or Rosat Geranium. essential oils
  • Other suitable plant oils: many plant oils are beneficial for the skin, but when it is very dry, then favor the Avocado plant oil or that of Raspberry Seed.

Against Stretch Marks

Effectiveness: ++.

The vegetable oil of Macadamia constitutes an ideal base of massage, it penetrates very easily and quickly in the skin. It restores suppleness and elasticity to the skin and fights against the appearance of stretch marks. It is thus preferable to use it in prevention.

  • Application advice : in prevention of stretch marks, a few drops on the areas most at risk (hips, stomach ...) morning and evening.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): to fight against their appearance, Macadamia is very good, but once the stretch marks are there, it is advisable to combine essential oils such as Rosed Geranium, Cistus or Italian Helichrysum for greater effectiveness.
  • Other suitable plant oils: the Shea Butter, the Rose Hip Vegetable Oil or Baobab, or the Daisy Oily Macerate are also very useful against stretch marks.

In case of Acne, Acneic skin

Effectiveness: ++.

Thanks to its richness in palmitoleic acid, which is naturally present in human sebum, Macadamia vegetable oil prevents the overproduction of sebum and has a welcome antibacterial action for acne-prone skin.

  • Application advice: a few drops at night on pimples or the T-zone.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): for greater effectiveness, combine 1 drop of Tea Tree with your Macadamia vegetable oil.
  • Other suitable plant oils: in case of acne, the plant oils of Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn Seed, Neem or Karanja are also very useful.

A biodiesel for transportation?

Amazingly, Macadamia vegetable oil is being studied for use as a biodiesel. So, yes, this has nothing to do with aromatherapy or cosmetics, but in a societal context where pollution is very present, natural, sustainable and eco-responsible transportation alternatives are not to be overlooked.

Thus, several studies have been carried out on a biodiesel made with Macadamia vegetable oil (mostly in Australia, where this tree originates). To make this biodiesel, the raw vegetable oil undergoes transesterification with potassium methoxide for one hour at 60°C. Studies have shown that this biodiesel significantly reduces carbon monoxide and fine particle emissions.

These are promising results, but more in-depth studies on the mechanical performance, combustion and wear and tear of this biodiesel will have to be conducted before it can be marketed. And maybe one day, the clouds of pollution will be replaced by a sweet smell of nuts!

Macadamia Organic Virgin Vegetable Oil

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