Apricot Kernel Oil: benefits and uses in natural cosmetics

Extracted from the small almonds in the heart of the apricot kernel, this vegetable oil is very rich in carotenoids and omega 6, which makes it excellent for beauty care, especially for the face. Its use is perfect in night cream. It restores tone and radiance to tired skin. Very good excipient in aromatherapy for adults because very penetrating, it allows a perfect absorption of the active ingredients and does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin. Latin name : Prunus armeniaca L. Part used : pits

Main properties

  • firming : this vegetable oil restores elasticity to the skin and helps tone the epidermis.
  • nourishing: it reinforces the hydrolipidic film covering the surface of the epidermis, retaining the skin's moisture. It nourishes dull and tired skin.
  • Penetrating : Apricot Kernel oil by its fatty acid composition allows deep penetration of the skin. It does not leave a greasy film on the skin unlike other vegetable oils. It is a perfect base for massages.
  • anti-oxidant : the unsaponifiables present in Apricot Kernel oil (carotenoids and vitamin E) have anti-oxidant properties, delaying skin aging.
  • soothing, emollient : Apricot Kernel oil is structuring, it ensures perfect suppleness of the cell walls of the skin, and thus returns all its softness.
  • skin protector: it creates a slight protection against the sun's rays, as long as exposure remains moderate. Carotenoids increase the skin's tolerance to the sun. The Apricot Kernel can thus gently prepare the skin for the sun to facilitate tanning and give a healthy glow.

Characteristics and composition

Cosmetic characteristics
  • Skin type: dry, irritated, mature, dull, combination, sensitive.
  • Type of hair: hair loss, dry.

Organoleptic characteristics
  • Appearance: clear liquid, freezing at low temperature
  • Color: light to dark yellow
  • Odor: characteristic, bitter, light.
  • Touch : bold.

Characteristics for the formulation
  • Unsaponifiable and active ingredients : vitamin E, carotenoids, phytosterols.
  • Comedogenicity index : 2 (=low comedogenicity)
  • Average saponification value: 190
  • Oxidation stability: good
  • Stability at high temperatures: good
  • INCI name: Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Fatty acid composition
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA) : 60 à 74 %
  • linoleic acid (omega 6 PUFA) : 20 à 34 %
  • palmitic acid (SFA): 4 à 8 %
  • stearic acid (SFA): ≤ 3 %
  • unsaponifiable matter: ≤ 1 %

Physical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C: 0.910 à 0.930
  • Flash point : 175
  • Peroxide Index: 15
  • Acid number : 2.000

Botanical characteristics
  • Botanical family: Rosaceae
  • Country of origin: Turkey.
  • Distilled part: pits
  • Production process : first cold pressing
  • Latin name : Prunus armeniaca L.

Precautions for use

Authorized use of the product

Dermal route

Authorized users

Adults and Teens Children under 6 years old Pregnant and nursing women Babies under 3 years old


Preferably stored in a cool place, away from light and heat.

For Itchy Skin, Sensitive Skin

Efficiency : ++++

The oil of Apricot Kernel is perfectly adapted for the dry, sensitive skins and in lack of nutrition. Its composition rich in oleic and linoleic acid confers emollient and softening properties to him, it makes it possible moreover to reinforce the film hydrolipidic of the skin. Thus, it limits the trans-cutaneous water loss, and preserves a good hydration of the skin. Its small more, it is its capacity to penetrate the skin. It does not leave any greasy touch, which is particularly pleasant!

  • Application advice: massage a few drops of Apricot Kernel oil morning and evening on the driest areas of the skin.
  • Other Suitable Plant Oils: many plant oils can nourish dry and sensitive skin such as Argan, Sesame, Sweet Almond, or Shea Butter.

In Massage (base for a massage oil)

Efficiency : ++++

The oil of Apricot Kernel penetrates well the skin. For this reason, it is particularly appreciated in oil of massage because it does not leave greasy touch on the skin. It also allows to soften the skin thanks to its emollient effect. Moreover, it allows a good penetration of the assets present in the oil of massage, as the essential oils for example!

  • Application advice : rub the parts of the body to be massaged with a few drops of Apricot Kernel oil... And enjoy!
  • Complementary essential oil(s): for a relaxing massage, it is possible to complement the Apricot Kernel oil with a few drops of True Lavender, Petit Grain Bigarade or Marjoram essential oil for example.

For Mature Skin

Efficiency : +++

In addition to being nourishing, Apricot Kernel Oil has various interesting properties for mature skin. It is firming, it helps the skin to find its elasticity. It contains especially a share of unsaponifiable matter: carotenoids and vitamin E. These elements bring an anti-oxidant effect to prevent wrinkles, and allow to maintain the collagen of the skin and the cellular renewal.

  • Application advice: massage a few drops of Apricot Kernel Oil morning and night onto clean, dry face.
  • Complementary essential oil(s): against the effects of aging, the essential oils of Cistus, Geranium Rosat or Carrot can be added to the Apricot Kernel oil.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Mushroom Rose, Hempberry or Prickly Pear Seeds oils also help prevent wrinkles.

In case of hair loss, dry hair

Effectiveness: ++.

The nourishing properties of the Apricot Kernel do not only benefit the skin, but also the hair. The presence of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid in high proportion give the Apricot oil virtues to fight against hair loss. The rest of its composition allows to strengthen and to nourish the capillary fiber to make the hair more silky.

  • Application advice : make a hair mask on dry and detangled hair by applying the necessary amount. Insist on the ends, and gently massage the scalp. Leave on for at least an hour, or overnight, then shampoo.
  • Complementary essential oil(s) : in case of dry hair, Ylang Ylang essential oil is perfect and against hair loss, use instead the essential oils of Himalayan Nard or Ginger.
  • Other suitable plant oils: Ricin, Avocado, Coco or Shea butter oils also help nourish hair.

For Dull Skin, Tanning (preparation for)

Efficiency: +.

Thanks to its composition in carotenoids, the oil of Apricot Kernel has the capacity to illuminate the complexion and to give him all its brightness. Indeed, the carotenoids are liposoluble pigments present only in certain plants. They are best known for giving carrots their orange color, but they have many more effects than that! They also help prepare the skin for the sun thanks to a slight photoprotective action, and thus facilitate tanning. However, be careful, Apricot Kernel Oil does not replace sun creams!

  • Application advice: massage a few drops of Apricot Kernel oil morning and evening on the skin.
  • Other suitable plant oils: for its healthy glow effect, Carrot oil macerate can also be used.

Apricot kernel oil anti-cancer ?

Almonds of the genus Prunus contain a compound with anti-cancer properties: amygdalin. Much research has been done on this compound, nevertheless it has not been proven that it is actually present in Apricot Kernel oil. Until then, the ingestion of the oil would not present any risks, on the contrary. Except that amygdalin, under the effect of digestion enzymes, releases cyanide, a well-known poison. For this reason, and again as a precautionary measure in the absence of evidence, some sources urge caution about consuming the oil. In addition, Apricot Kernel Oil has few nutritional benefits, and in light of the risks it may present, it is thus best to reserve it for the skin.

Apricot kernels Organic Virgin Vegetable Oil

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