How to use essential oils against gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis results from contamination by a virus most of the time, more rarely by a bacterium. The mucous membranes of the intestine become infected, which causes an inflammation at the origin of stomach aches and diarrhea, and this can last between 3 and 20 days... So, let's get some well-chosen essential oils out of our aromatherapy kit and settle the stomach bug right away!

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The quick reflex: Chinese cinnamon

For adults. Orally, 1 drop of Cinnamon on a holder to be melted in the mouth, 4 times a day until improvement. Do not exceed 5 days of use.

More details: how to use Chinese Cinnamon properly

Complete synergy for adults

The mixture

To fight against the gastro, take your empty bottle, and add :

  • 20 drops of Tea Tree essential oil 20 drops of Cinnamon essential oil 20 drops of Cardamom essential oil 60 drops of Estragon essential oil 40 drops of Peppermint essential oil 60 drops of edible vegetable oil (olive, hazelnut ...)

How to use

  • In cutaneous application, put 4 drops of the mixture on the abdomen and 4 drops of the mixture in the lower back. Massage until complete penetration.
  • At the same time, place two drops of the mixture on a neutral tablet or sugar to be melted in the mouth.

You can repeat up to 4 times a day until improvement.

Authorized users

YES. Adults, teenagers, children + 6 years old.
NOT. Pregnant and nursing women, children - 6 years old.

Special precautions

  • Seek medical advice for asthmatics and epileptics.
  • This mixture is hormone-like and should not be used in cases of gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder, severe liver disorders, severe cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and heart problems.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergy test with the mixture in the hollow of the elbow before any use.

These precautions apply under the conditions of application and dosage cited above. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Complete synergy for children

The children's mix

Take your empty bottle, and add :

  • 30 drops of Ravintsara essential oil 20 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil 10 drops of Clove essential oil 60 drops of Hazelnut vegetable oil

Close (click!), homogenize and label your bottle. Your synergy is ready to be used!

How to use

Massage the belly counterclockwise with 8 drops of the mixture, 4 times a day, for 5 to 7 days.

Authorized users

YES. Children over 3 years old.
NOT. Pregnant and nursing women, children under 3 years old.

More details: essential oils for children over 3

Special precautions

  • Seek medical advice for asthmatics and epileptics.
  • An essential oil of the mixture is hepatotoxic, it is against indicated to the hypertensive persons and to those taking anticoagulant drugs.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergy test with the mixture in the hollow of the elbow before any use.

These precautions apply under the conditions of application and dosage cited above. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Why these essential oils?

Tea Tree stimulates white blood cells

The Tea Tree essential oil contains terpinen-4-ol. It is an immunostimulant: it boosts immunoglobulin A, which strengthens the body's cell defense. The immunoglobulins A are antibodies. They are located in the mucous membranes, particularly in the intestine, and neutralize toxins or pathogenic microorganisms by binding to them. In this way, the pathogen cannot attach itself to the intestinal mucosa and harm the body. They are evacuated.

Cinnamon eliminates viruses and bacteria

The essential oil of Cinnamon contains mostly trans-cinnamaldehyde known for its major anti-infectious action: bacteria, viruses, parasites, everything goes! In case of gastro, or any other type of infectious diarrhea, it helps limit the infection and prevent the spread of viruses. It is really the queen of intestinal infections!

Cardamom calms spasms

Cardamom essential oil contains terpenyl acetate. Like all esters, it is a powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Cardamom essential oil has a targeted action on the digestive system. It acts via muscarinic receptors; these receptors are involved in the transmission of nerve signals that can cause spasms. This essential oil calms the pains caused by an inflammation of the stomach. Its stomachic activity also allows to stimulate digestion and to support a return to the normal.

Estragon puts the stomach back in order

The Tarragon essential oil contains mostly methylchavicol. This molecule causes a general exocrine stimulation, which induces an increase in digestive secretions, thus promoting digestion; but the best part is its antispasmodic and analgesic action. The essential oil of tarragon allows a fast appeasing of the spasms at the origin of the abdominal pains. The estragole has a privileged action at the gastric, enteric, colonic and genito-urinary levels and on the striated musculature.

Peppermint helps digestion

The Peppermint essential oil is particularly effective in relieving intestinal spasms thanks to menthol, which inhibits them very quickly; the menthol-menthone synergy further enhances this spasmolytic action. Moreover, menthone contained in the essential oil of Peppermint supports the digestion thanks to its action on the increase of the bile, responsible for the digestion of the lipids and the neutralization of toxins. A good digestion, controlled spasms, coupled with the powerful analgesic action of menthol (by binding to certain receptors, it blocks the transmission of the signal "pain") can relieve nausea.

Ravintsara eliminates pathogenic elements

Its reputation as a major antiviral and antibacterial agent is well established: the Ravintsara essential oil will come to fight against the pathogens responsible for gastro.

It is the 1,8-cineole, a monoterpene oxide which represents more than half of the components of this essential oil, which gives it these anti-infectious properties.

This molecule is also immunostimulant, it will thus allow an increase of the defenses of the organization vis-a-vis the entry of the germs in the digestive tract. The 1,8-cineole is also an absorption promoter, i.e. it will promote the transcutaneous passage of the active molecules of the synergy so that the effect at the digestive level is maximized.

Roman Chamomile reduces intestinal spasms

Diarrhea and other digestive disorders caused by the entry of pathogenic microorganisms is felt in particular by violent intestinal pain. The Roman Chamomile essential oil contains a large pool of monoterpene esters that make it a reference antispasmodic. Moreover, its sweetness indicates it particularly to children. Indeed, by disrupting exchanges on ion channels (at inter-neuron junctions) at the level of the nervous system, esters allow the relaxation of smooth muscles and thus inhibit intestinal muscle spasms. These involuntary contractions are prevented and the intestinal pains alleviated.

Clove: anti-inflammatory

Overcoming diarrhea is also about getting the entire digestive system back in order. The Clove essential oil is a digestive and intestinal stimulant; it promotes the expulsion of intestinal gas.

Eugenol, its main component, is a very good analgesic thanks to its action on the transmission of nervous information. It is also an anti-inflammatory of size: by inhibition of the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, the eugenol will relieve effectively the inflammation and the abdominal pains which are related to it.

Anti-infectious and antiviral powerful by its composition in eugenol, the essential oil of Clove will come to supplement the action of the compounds of the essential oil of Ravintsara to destroy together the pathogenic germs responsible for the infection.

Why this vegetable oil?

Hazelnut vegetable oil

To protect the health of children and avoid overdosing on essential oils, Hazelnut Vegetable Oil is used as a dilution medium in this synergy. Its highly penetrating texture does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin and allows easy passage of the active ingredients of essential oils in the body, to quickly relieve gastroenteritis. Moreover, its richness in fatty acids nourishes and softens the skin.

Gastroenteritis Pack of organic essential oils

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