Camu-Camu powder: uses and nutritional benefits

The Camu-Camu tree belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Native of the Amazonian forest, it appreciates swampy regions. A large part of the Camu-Camu is cultivated in Peru, for their berries, bearing the same name: Camu-Camu berries. The Camu-Camu (fruit) has a tangy flavor and a reddish color. Its color indicates the presence of certain antioxidant pigments. Its flavor is synonymous with the presence of acid in its pulp: ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The Camu-Camu is a vitamin C bomb: 3 g per day will satisfy the needs of vitamin C for the day. This nutritional treasure is a source of therapeutic virtue. Joints, skin or bones benefit from the action of vitamin C on collagen: an essential and omnipresent protein in the body. In addition, Camu-Camu is the subject of some scientific research, which concludes on its real antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic and potentially slimming power. Latin name: Myrciara dubia. Botanical family: Myrtaceae. Part used: Fruit.

Recommended consumption

Camu-Camu powder is a concentrate of energy and nutrients. It is preferable to increase the doses as you go along in order to avoid unpleasant side effects. In classic cure or for pleasure: 1 g, or 1/2 teaspoon of Camu-Camu powder per day.

In what form?

To make the most of their benefits, you can use them :

  • In powder form
At what time of day?

We advise you to use them during the following meal(s) to take full advantage of their benefits:

  • Breakfast
What modes of use?

You can incorporate them into the following preparations to make them easier to take:

  • Yoghurt, dairy
  • Smoothies, juices
  • Drink, water
  • Compote
Precautions for use
  • In excess, Camu-Camu powder can cause digestive disorders.

Health Nutrition Benefits

3g of Camu-Camu powder contains a significant portion of the Population Nutritional Reference (PNR) for Vitamin C.

As such, Camu-Camu powder can complement your healthy and varied diet.


Camu-Camu powder is among the most antioxidant superfoods, if not the most antioxidant. Rich in phytonutrients and vitamin C, it fights oxidative stress, thus preventing vascular pathologies. In addition, it reduces cholesterol levels, which further contributes to cardiovascular health.

Ocular system

Camu-Camu powder would contain interesting contents of carotenoid pigment: trans-lutein and zeaxanthin. These two compounds, within a correct hygiene of life, contributes to the prevention of the disorders of the vision related to the age.

Digestive system

Camu-Camu powder promotes digestive comfort. It stimulates digestive transit through its fiber (see our guide constipation and diet), while contributing to the development of microorganisms of the intestinal flora beneficial to our health.

Body, face and hair care

Collagen production decreases with age, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen. The generous portion of vitamin C in Camu-Camu powder helps slow down the signs of aging. In addition, Camu-Camu powder is a concentrate of antioxidants that will fade skin spots.

Immune system

The vitamin C in Camu-Camu powder reinforces the immune benefits of a varied and balanced diet.

Nervous system, well-being

Camu-Camu powder provides carbohydrates. It is an essential fuel for our cells. It allows to produce energy. Moreover, the Camu-Camu powder is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally fights against fatigue and improves the absorption of iron. Iron also reduces fatigue. Not to mention, this vitamin is involved in the production of catecholamines. A group of active compounds that includes adrenaline, a "stimulating hormone".

Oral system

Scurvy, a pathology caused by the severe absence of vitamin C. This absence induces gingival lesions and dental loosening. Camu-Camu powder easily meets the daily needs of vitamin C.

Bone system

Camu-Camu powder prevents bone fractures by contributing to the strength of the skeleton. Indeed, collagen is omnipresent in the bones. It is essential since it makes bones strong and resistant.

Muscles and joints

Collagen is an important protein for the joints: it gives them the strength and hydration necessary for their health. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen. The powder of Camu-Camu, incredibly rich in vitamin C. It thus preserves the articulations.

Circulatory system

Thanks to the action of vitamin C on collagen, it participates in the proper functioning of the vascular system. Camu-Camu powder is extremely rich in vitamin C. Within a varied and balanced diet, vitamin C contributes to the health of the vascular system.

Cardiac system

A diet with too much salt promotes blood pressure disorders. Camu-Camu powder is naturally low in sodium. Within the framework of a correct hygiene of life, Camu-Camu takes part in the prevention of the disorders of the blood pressure.

Nutritional properties

Main properties

  • Antioxidant (vitamin C, anthocyanin, flavanone, flavonol, phenolic acid): due to its incredible vitamin C content, Camu-Camu powder protects cells from oxidative stress. Indeed, the vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals. Moreover, Camu-Camu powder is a carrier of many other antioxidant phytonutrients: anthocyanins, flavonones, flavonols and phenolic acids. It would even provide beta-carotene, also recognized as an antioxidant.
  • Anti-inflammatory: a scientific study observes the effects of Camu-Camu powder on mice to which they offered a high-fat, high-sugar diet. The scientists observe a decrease in inflammation of the adipose tissue and a reduction in the concentration of interleukin-1β (mediator of inflammation), in the group of mice treated with Camu-Camu powder. Another study concludes on the veracity of the anti-inflammatory power of Camu-Camu powder, as it would reduce the formation of pro-inflammatory chemokines.
  • Slimming: According to a scientific study carried out on fattened mice, the administration of Camu-Camu powder in their diet stabilizes their weights. Scientists suggest that Camu-Camu powder prevents the accumulation of fat (visceral, subcutaneous and interscapular). This same study suggests that other constituents, other than vitamin C, are responsible for the observed anti-obesity effects.
  • Photoprotective (trans-lutein, zeaxanthin): camu-camu powder is said to contain pigments of the carotenoid family: trans-lutein and zeaxanthin. These pigments are concentrated in the macula of the retina (area of the eye). They protect the photoreceptor cells from ultraviolet rays and peroxidation.

Secondary properties

  • Prebiotic: a scientific study carried out on mice shows that the group of mice supplemented with Camu-Camu powder has a "better" microbiota than the control group. Indeed, Camu-Camu powder seems to support microbial diversity and increases the ratio Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes. Two factors of a healthy microbiota.
  • Laxative (fiber): fiber accounts for more than a quarter of the total composition of Camu-Camu powder. Thus, Camu-camu powder stimulates digestive transit by significantly increasing the total volume of stool.
  • Antihypertensive (sodium): Camu-Camu powder is naturally low in sodium. Therefore, it does not contribute to sodium intake, thus preventing the rise in blood pressure.
  • Protector of the osteoarticular system (vitamin C): Camu-Camu powder is an excellent source of vitamin C. By its presence, it ensures the strength and rigidity of bones, but also the resistance and hydration of cartilage. Indeed, the vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen, essential protein of the osteoarticular system.
  • Vasculoprotector (vitamin C): camu-camu powder helps maintain the integrity and normal functioning of blood vessels. This property comes from its contribution in vitamin C. The latter participates in the formation of collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes up the walls of blood vessels. More precisely, it is found in the media, the intermediate layer of the three tunics of the vascular system.
  • Immunomodulant (vitamin C): camu-camu powder is a vitamin C carrier. The vitamin is involved in immune cell function.
  • Dental protector (vitamin C): thanks to vitamin C, Camu-Camu powder contributes to the formation of collagen. Collagen is essential for the oral sphere: it makes up the gums and teeth.
  • Smoothing (vitamin C): the skin's dermis is richly made up of collagen. This structuring protein provides the skin with the necessary rigidity and firmness. Vitamin C promotes collagen biosynthesis. By providing a lot of vitamin C, Camu-Camu powder helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Nervous balancer (vitamin C): Camu-Camu powder is packed with vitamin C. This contribution stimulates the production of catecholamines, substances of the amine group that hold the role of neurotransmitter (they ensure the transmission of nerve impulses).
  • Contributes to energy metabolism (carbohydrate, vitamin C): camu-camu powder provides carbohydrate energy. Carbohydrates are essential fuels for the body's cells, especially carbohydrate-dependent cells. These carbohydrates are mostly complex carbohydrates: they provide energy throughout the day. Besides these carbohydrates, Camu-Camu powder is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism.
  • Anti-fatigue (vitamin C): vitamin C is known to reduce fatigue. In addition, it fights against iron deficiency, as it improves the absorption of non-heme iron (from plants). Iron deficiency can manifest itself as excessive fatigue.
  • Hypocholesterolemic (fiber): through fiber, Camu-Camu powder reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol. This aspect reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed which lowers cholesterol levels.

Nutritional values

*Recommended Daily Allowance

To know more about the plant : The Camu-Camu

The Camu-Camu is an Amazonian tree of the Myrtacaceae family. Currently cultivated in Peru and Brazil, it appreciates the swampy and floodable areas of the Amazon. The tree can reach four meters in height. Its fruit is a pink to violet colored berry. It measures about 2 cm and its flesh is yellowish. The Camu-Camu tree is cultivated for its sour fruit, an original fruit of the Peruvian cuisine. Recently, it has been exported all over the world because of its high vitamin C content.

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