Acai powder: uses and nutritional benefits

The pinot palm is a large palm tree native to South America and belonging to the Arecaceae family. It is known for its berries, which grow in clusters, called Acai. Their purple color is attributed to the high concentration of phytochemicals in the fruit. In particular anthocyanin. This blue-red pigment has various medicinal properties, including a strong antioxidant capacity. Phenols, also available, increase this antioxidant potential. Acai powder also provides a lot of fiber, calcium and iron. All these nutrients justify the inclusion of Acai powder in a varied and balanced diet. What more could you ask for than to add color to your dishes or drinks, to let its red fruit and chocolate-like flavor spread, while doing good to your body? Latin name: Euterpe oleracea. Botanical family: Arecaceae. Part used: Fruit.

Recommended consumption

Acai powder is a concentrate of energy and nutrients. It is preferable to increase the doses as you go along in order to avoid unpleasant side effects. In classic cure or for pleasure, 5 to 20 g, or 1 to 4 teaspoon(s) of Acai powder per day.

In what form?

To make the most of their benefits, you can use them :

  • In powder form
At what time of day?

We advise you to use them during the following meal(s) to take full advantage of their benefits:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
What modes of use?

You can incorporate them into the following preparations to make them easier to take:

  • Dessert
  • Yoghurt, dairy
  • Smoothies, juices
  • Drink, water
  • Compote
  • Pudding

Health Nutrition Benefits

15g of Acai Powder contains a significant portion of the Population Nutritional Reference (PNR) for Fiber, Calcium, Iron and Potassium.

As such, acai powder can complement your healthy and varied diet.


Acai powder helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Their fiber influences the amount and timing of cholesterol and carbohydrate absorption. Acai powder also prevents the vascular complications of these two diseases, thanks to the phytonutrients and omega-9 that compose it. Indeed, omega-9 is known to protect the cardiovascular system. The phytonutrients (anthocyanins and phenols) fight against the oxidation of cholesterol, a factor in the development of atheromatous plaques.

Immune system

Acai powder is extremely rich in iron. It fights against iron deficiency which leads to a decrease in resistance to external infections. Therefore, the iron in Acai powder reinforces the immune benefits of a varied and balanced diet.

Digestive system

Acai berries intervene on several ailments and disorders of the digestive system. They participate in digestive transit, thanks to their high fiber content (see our guide constipation and diet). Finally, it would seem that they improve liver damage in cases of alcoholic hepatic steatosis.

Cardiac system

Acai powder is naturally low in sodium and high in potassium. A reduction in sodium intake in combination with potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure. As part of a healthy lifestyle, Acai helps to prevent blood pressure disorders.

Nervous system, well-being

In case of fatigue, bet on the acai powder, to sprinkle or drink. It provides carbohydrates and lipids: fuel for the body. On the macronutrient side, there is a lot of iron. Thus, the Acai powder fills the iron deficiencies responsible for excessive fatigue and decreased intellectual performance. Finally, it restores the functioning of the nervous system by providing calcium and potassium, two minerals essential to the propagation of nervous information.

Oral system

By contributing to the mineralization of the teeth, by providing calcium, Acai powder prevents dental hypersensitivity. As part of a varied and balanced diet, Acai contributes to the health of the oral cavity.

Bone system

Extremely rich in calcium. Acai powder contributes to the mineralization of the bones. The sufficient intake of calcium strengthens the bones. A good bone rigidity prevents the risk of fracture.

Muscles and joints

To magnify the features, two major steps are necessary for the contraction of a muscle: the arrival of the action potential (nerve message), and the shortening of the muscles (the contraction). A defect in these two mechanisms can lead to involuntary muscle contractions. Acai powder contributes to the functioning of both mechanisms. First of all, potassium is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses. Subsequently, calcium collaborates with muscle proteins to allow the sliding of muscle proteins in relation to each other leading to the shortening of the muscle: the contraction. To learn more: muscle cramps and diet.

Circulatory system

Anemia is a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This decrease in hemoglobin is multifactorial. Acai powder contributes to the iron intake. An iron deficiency decreases the production of red blood cells (see our guide iron deficiency anemia and diet).

Nutritional properties

Main properties

  • Anti-oxidant (anthocyanin): acai powder is said to be extremely rich in anti-oxidants. There are polyphenols (gallic acid, catechin, tannic acid and epicatechin) and lots of anthocyanin. These phytonutrients neutralize the free radicals released by the normal functioning of the body. This power guarantees the integrity of the capillaries and preserves the stability of the vessel walls, which increases its cardiovascular protective potential. The antioxidant capacity is estimated at 102 700 µmol TE/100 g: that is to say a very high antioxidant capacity.
  • Cardiovascular protector (fiber, oleic acid, potassium): acai powder is rich in fiber. Fiber reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Combined with their oleic acid (omega-9) intake, this increases cardiovascular protection. In addition, they are naturally low in sodium and high in potassium, which prevents blood pressure disorders.
  • Slimming (fiber): acai powder is recommended to fight hunger due to the high concentration of fiber. They are also said to help with weight loss.
  • Immunomodulating (iron): by fighting iron deficiency, Acai powder contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Indeed, an iron deficiency reduces resistance to infections.
  • Contributing to energy metabolism (carbohydrate, fat, iron, calcium): acai powder is an energy carrier. Fat and carbohydrates together account for over 50% of the total composition of Acai powder. These two macronutrients are the only ones used to provide energy to the body. In addition, iron and calcium contribute to energy metabolism, which is the set of reactions that allows the body to break down macronutrients to make energy.
  • Blood sugar control (fiber): acai powder has a low glycemic index due to its low simple sugar content, high fiber, high fat and majority of complex carbohydrates. Acai powder slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, which helps the body to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Laxative (fiber): fiber accounts for a quarter of the total composition of Acai powder. This contribution is beneficial for the digestive transit. Indeed, fibers have the particularity to swell like sponges in contact with water. Within the intestinal lumen, they will increase the volume of the stool which accelerates the digestive transit.

Secondary properties

  • Hepatoprotective: a scientific study performed on mice with alcoholic fatty liver disease, shows a significant reduction of liver stress markers (ASAT, ALAT, MD, TG, TNF-alpha and IL-6) in the blood, and an increase of GSH and SOD, when supplemented with Acai powder. In addition, histological analysis of the liver indicated a better organization of the liver compared to mice not supplemented with Acai berry. The study concludes that there is a potential protective effect of acai berries against alcoholic liver damage. Further studies are needed to confirm this benefit in humans.
  • Anti-fatigue (iron): iron provides Acai powder with the ability to reduce fatigue.
  • Participating in tissue growth (calcium, iron): calcium and iron play a role in the cell division process. They are involved in the duplication of cells that allows tissues to grow and regenerate.
  • Mental tonic (iron): acai powder addresses iron deficiencies. By this means, it fights against the decline in intellectual performance.
  • Nervous balancer (calcium, potassium): acai powder is packed with minerals like calcium and potassium. These two minerals are involved in the functioning of the nervous system. The movement of potassium between the membranes of neurons allows the advancement of information. Calcium ensures the release of neurotransmitters between the synaptic clefts (area between two neurons), so it participates in the activation of the next neuron.
  • Anti-anemic (iron): iron is a trace element extremely well represented in Acai powder. Indeed, one tablespoon of Acai powder is enough to cover the entire daily requirement of iron. Iron is essential for the synthesis and functioning of red blood cells.
  • Remineralizing (calcium): acai powder provides plenty of calcium. Calcium is necessary to maintain normal bones and teeth: 99% of the body's calcium is located in the skeleton and teeth. It is essential to the formation of hydroxyapatite crystals, essential to the strength and rigidity of tissues.
  • Participating in muscle function (calcium, potassium): acai powder has the two most important minerals for muscle contraction: potassium and calcium. Potassium allows the transmission of nerve impulses, in other words the message that tells the muscle to contract. Calcium ensures that the muscle proteins slide into each other, which is what causes the muscle to contract.

Nutritional values

*Recommended Daily Allowance

Learn more about the plant : The Pinot Basket

The pinot basket is a large palm tree of the Arecaceae family. Native to South America, it grows abundantly in estuaries, swamps and flood plains of the Amazon. The pinot palm has different vernacular names, such as "cabbage palm", "wassaï" in Guyana, "Açaï" in Brazil, or "içá-çai" among the natives, which means "the fruit that cries"... This last name says a lot about its fruiting. The pinot palm bears dark purple berries, grouped in clusters along the stipe (trunk) of the palm.

The Acai berry is mainly used as a vegetable oil for rural medicine and also as an important source of food. More recently, Acai berries have become very lucrative for local people through global export. However, the fruit is not consumed fresh outside of South America, due to its highly perishable potential.

Did you know that?

In the Amazon, it is said that the acai berry is known as the "viagra of the Amazon forest". It seems that these berries have aphrodisiac virtues and the power to boost the male libido.

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