Lucuma powder: uses and nutritional benefits

The Lucuma is a Peruvian tree of the Sapotaceae family. It is cultivated mainly for its large, bright orange fruit, with a sweet flavor. The Lucuma (fruit) is consumed fresh or dried. After drying, the fruit can be ground into a powder to facilitate its use. Lucuma powder is rich in carbohydrates, which gives the body the fuel it needs to function. Along with carbohydrates, Lucuma powder is a good source of fiber. It is therefore ideal for digestive comfort. To date, only the macronutrient content is known. The micronutrient composition of Lucuma is unknown. A scientific study indicates that Lucuma powder contains interesting levels of antioxidants. Latin name: Pouteria Lucuma. Botanical family: Sapotaceae. Part used: Fruit.

Recommended consumption

Lucuma powder is a concentrate of energy and nutrients. It is best to increase doses as you go along to avoid unpleasant side effects. As a cure or for pleasure, 15 g of Lucuma powder, or 3 teaspoons of Lucuma powder per day.

In what form?

To make the most of its benefits, you can use it :

  • In powder form
At what time of day?

We advise you to use it during the following meal(s) to take full advantage of its benefits:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Dinner
What modes of use?

You can integrate them into the following preparations to facilitate its taking:

  • Dessert
  • Yoghurt, dairy
  • Dish
  • Smoothies, juices
  • Compote

Health Nutrition Benefits

Lucuma powder can supplement your healthy and varied diet.


In case of hypercholesterolemia, the addition of Lucuma powder to meals can help the body to better control cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, Lucuma participates in the prevention of cardiovascular complications thanks to its antioxidants. Thus, Lucuma powder slows down the progression of atheromatous plaques.

Digestive system

A diet that does not provide enough fiber promotes constipation. Lucuma powder restores fiber intake, supporting regularity of transit. To learn more, we recommend our guide: constipation and diet. Fiber gives Lucuma an interest against digestive transit disorders.

Nervous system, well-being

Low blood sugar can cause fatigue. Indeed, the brain requires a lot of sugar to function. Lucuma powder is a good way to quickly bring sugar to the body.

Nutritional properties

  • Antioxidant: Lucuma powder would have a high total phenolic compound content, translating an interesting antioxidant activity. Lucuma powder would thus help the body fight against the harmful effects of free radicals on cells.
  • Contributes to energy metabolism (carbohydrate): the majority of Lucuma powder provides carbohydrate energy. Carbohydrates are the reference fuels for the body, they are necessary for the functioning of cells, especially glucose-dependent cells like neurons or red blood cells.
  • Hypocholesterolemic (fiber): rich in fiber, Lucuma powder limits the absorption of other nutrients from food, including cholesterol. This action leads to a decrease in cholesterol intake which helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Laxative (fiber): powdered Lucuma is rich in fiber. Fiber is not digested and reaches the intestine intact. They exert a laxative effect by increasing stool volume.

Nutritional values

*Recommended Daily Allowance

Learn more about the plant : Lucuma

Lucuma belongs to the Sapotaceae family. Native to South America, and more precisely to Peru, the Lucuma is known as "Gold of the Incas". The plant is on average 15 m high and its trunk has a light color. The leaves are green, concentrated in the apex (end of the stems). The fruit is round, green outside and bright orange inside. It measures on average 15 cm long and weighs about 200 g. The Lucuma (fruit) is rich in complex carbohydrates (starch), its pulp has a slightly sweet taste, similar to maple syrup. The Lucuma (tree) appreciates temperate climates. It is cultivated for its fruit, used for culinary purposes.

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